Macdermid Plus Aqua Emulsion

Macdermid Plus Aqua Emulsion

Ideal for large screen applications using water based inks such as flag and banner.
  • Very Fast Exposure time
  • 37% Solids
  • Water resistant
  • One pot, photopolymer emulsion.
  • The water resistance of PLUS AQUA can be increased by the addition of 3g/4litre of Autotype Diazo sensitiser powder. Please note if a Diazo addition is made, the exposure time will need to be increased and also stencils will become harder to decoat.

Colour: Blue

Solids: 37%

Mesh: 25/50/75

Properties: Rz 22µ  (63/cm yellow)/EOM 13µ (63/cm yellow)

Exposure: 15 secs – 5kw Metal Halide @ 1.2 m. (63/cm yellow)

Resolution: Medium – 100µ

Ink suitability: Water based 10/Plastisol 4

Solvent suitability: Presswash AF (9)/Screenwash T (4)/Autosolve Aqua 2 (4)

Decoating: Fair


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