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Macdermid Plus 6000 Emulsion and Diazo


An excellent water and plastisol resistant textile emulsion.

  • Durable, water resistant, garment emulsion
  • 44% solids, violet emulsion
  • Competition: Ulano 925 WR, Fotec 1636 WR and Dirasol 25

Colour: Purple

Solids: High 44%

Mesh: 25/50/75/100

Exposure: Medium (4 mins on a 5kw Metal Halide @ 1.2 m. 63 yellow)

Resolution: Medium – 150µ

Inks: Water based 10+/Plastisol 8/Discharge 10

Wash up Solvent: Presswash AF/Screenwash T/Autosolve Aqua 2

Decoating: Medium – HPG Required

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1L, 4L

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