[margin-bottom][row class=”row-fluid”][col class=”span3″][testimonial title=”Testimonials” control=”on”][testimonial-item cite=”Paul Atkins,
Printmaking Technical Co-ordinator,
Camberwell College of Arts
” linktitle=”University of the Arts London” linkurl=”http://www.arts.ac.uk/”][p]”I run the printmaking workshops at Camberwell College of Arts. For the last six years we have been using Aqua Art inks supplied and made by AD Colour for screen-printing. These are water based inks and in my experience are a fantastic ink for replicating the look, feel and finish of the oil based screen ink system. As Health & Safety issues are now a main part of any printmaking workshop in colleges, it has been necessary to find safer and more reliable alternatives to solvent based processes. This is where AD Colour come in; their valuable advice, experience and generous help has been key to our success as a screen-printing department and we look forward to continue using Aqua Art for staff and students at Camberwell for many years to come.”[/p][/testimonial-item][testimonial-item cite=”Tom Watson,
Director at Orotoro,
” linktitle=”Orotoro” linkurl=”http://orotoro.com/”][p]”We have found AD Colour to be a key supplier to Orotoro. Gary has a tremendous depth of knowledge within the industry and is always extremely helpful with problem solving and development for our team.“[/p][/testimonial-item][testimonial-item cite=”Stewart McCarthy,
Cool 69
“][p]”I have been using AD Colour as our sole screen supplier for some time now and have built a really strong relationship. It was important to me to have a reliable point of contact and be able to talk to an experienced technical sales person.[/p][p]The AD Colour team have supported me when i required important environmental information along with the H&S documents, their use of approved ISO mesh, adhesives etc has given me total confidence in their products, something I didn’t have from other suppliers![/p][p]From a company point of view it has been important to work with knowledgeable partners; other suppliers have tried to sell to us, but are not able to service us with the products or support offered by AD Colour, at the end of the day it’s not always about price![/p][p]I would recommend contacting AD Colour for anything connected to Screen printing without hesitation.“[/p][/testimonial-item][testimonial-item cite=”Able and Willing,
Brighton & Hove City Council Supported Business
” linktitle=”Able and Willing” linkurl=”http://www.ableandwilling.org.uk/”][p]”We have been using AD Colour as our sole screen print supplier for 2 years and have built are really strong relationship. It was important to us to have a reliable point of contact and not only see a sales rep once a year; Damien is always available by phone to assist with a query and often calls in to check everything is ok or to offer advice in person.[/p][p]Being part of a local government it was essential that all our screen print products were as environmentally friendly as possible, AD Colour ensured we used the correct chemicals and inks for the job whilst being aware of the importance of the environment. Screens are promptly collected when requiring re-stretching and returned a few days later.[/p][p]We have been approached by other suppliers but we cannot fault the overall service we receive from AD Colour, we would not consider using anyone else. AD Colour are not only about selling you a product and that’s the end of their involvement, they are very pro-active with after sales support.“[/p][/testimonial-item][testimonial-item cite=”Liam“][p]”AD Colour offer a superb screen stretching service. With a door to door service it is made very easy for the customer. They meet and exceed expectation on all services and are happy to help and support with short turn around requests and specific requirements. With a friendly attitude and great customer service AD Colour have helped us make BIG steps forward in our Screen production”[/p][/testimonial-item][/testimonial][/col][col class=”span3″][title]Featured Product[/title]

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