MT-R180 UV Hybrid printer

MT-R180 UV Hybrid printer

The MT-R180 UV Hybrid printer (roll to roll and flatbed ) is a new printing machine, which combines a flatbed printer with an inkjet printer in one machine.

1.8M UV Hybrid Printer, two Epson Heads, 4 colours, CMYK, White also available.

Used for printing on many surfaces, including glass, ceramic tiles, metal etc.

Max printing thickness 30mm
Equipped with the feed and take up system of a roll printing machine, and complete with front and back extension platforms for plate printing.  The conveyor feeding system can convey both rigid and flexible media accurately and it can print roll and plate material at the same time.
The belt vacuum system controls the printing platform to keep the media smooth without banding and can print edge to edge.

CMYK & White:
4 Pass – 8 Square metres Per Hour
8 Pass – 4 Square Metres Per Hour

4 Pass – 12 Square Metres Per Hour
8 Pass – 8 Square Metres Per Hour

2.5 x 0.7M

1.2M Tables

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