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Macdermid Plus 9000 Emulsion and Diazo


A one pot, fast, plastisol resistant, high solids textile emulsion.

  • Presensitised red textile emulsion
  • 47% solids
  • Fast exposure
  • Plastisol resistant
  • Ideal for high build applications
  • Competitors: Sericol Dirasol 125 and Ulano QTX

Colour: Red

Solids: High 47% Excellent for high build stencil

Mesh: 25/50/75/100/125

Exposure: Fast (30 seconds on a 5kw Metal Halide @ 1.2 m. 63 yellow)

Inks: Water based (1)/Plastisol (10)/Discharge (1)

Wash up solvent: Presswash AF/Screenwash T/Autosolve Aqua 2/Autosolve Bio 1

Decoating: Easy

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1L, 4L

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How-To Guide

Thick film stencils using Plus 9000

Thick film stencils can be made using Plus 9000. Plus 9000 is a 47% solids, red, photopolymer, plastisol resistant emulsion.

Plus 9000

Coating thick stencils should be done using a round edged trough. The trough should be full and coating should be very slow.

The example above was coated 2+8 wet on wet on 43.80 mesh, turning the frame through 180oC after 4 coats to prevent the emulsion sagging. It was then dried horizontally, print side down at 35oC overnight. It was exposed for 1.5 minutes at 90cm with a 5kW metal halide lamp. It was washout out from the print side using a pressure washer with 20cm fan. The stencil profile achieved was 160 microns with 200 microns resolution.

Thicker stencils can be achieved with more coats for example 2+12 coats gives 280 microns stencil profile.

On a 34.100 white plain weave mesh coated 2+15 wet on wet, exposed for 2.5 minutes [70 units on a 5kW metal halide lamp] a wet stencil profile of 370 microns was achieved, which dried to 325 microns, indicating the wet stencil will be approximately 12% thinner after drying.

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