Macdermid Plus 8000 Emulsion and Diazo

Macdermid Plus 8000 Emulsion and Diazo


A universal water and solvent resistant, high solids textile emulsion.

  • The high quality, universal emulsion
  • 38%, blue
  • Dual cure
  • Excellent resistance to water based and solvent based inks
  • High print quality
  • High durability
  • Good reclaim
  • Competition: Kissel &  Wolf Polyplus SRX


Colour: Blue

Solids: High (38%)

Mesh: 25/50/75/100

Exposure: Medium (4 mins on a 5kw Metal Halide @ 1.2 m. 63 yellow)

Resolution: Medium/High – 100µ

Inks: Water based (6)/Plastisol (5)

Wash up solvent: PresswashAF/ScreenwashT/Autosolve Aqua 2/Autosolve Bio 1

Decoating: Medium – HPG Required

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