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Seiko I Infotech ColorPainter W-Series

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True High Quality Production at up to 18sqm/hour!

The new ColorPainter W series mild solvent inkjet printers from Seiko  are available in two sizes, the W-64s 64″ wide, and the W-54s 54″ wide.  There are also two colour configurations for both sizes, the 4 colour type for lower running costs and 6 colour type for better image quality. The combination of 6 new high speed print heads, two types of ink and several new innovative printing functions will increase the printer’s performance and widens the printer’s application range for the signage and digital printing market.

Ink compatibility: SII IX and GX inks including neon

Please note that the neon ink is only compatible with the W-54S and W-64S 6-colour models.

  • Available in 54 and 64 inch print widths
  • 4 or 6 colour configurations
  • Includes new high speed piezo printhead for 900dpi resolution
  • Features new Smart Nozzle Mapping
  • True high quality production at up to 18 sqm/hour!
  • High speed printing and rich colour density
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty as standard



Tunable To Your Needs

By combination of variable color configuration, numerous print modi and different ink types this printer can be adjusted perfectly to your needs. You can choose between 4- or 6-color configuration and a large variety of print modi from 360 dpi up to 900 dpi.

Three Different Types Of Ink

The high viscosity GX ink which provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications with an extraordinary color density. Our HAPs free IX ink does not smell and is eco-friendly. Therefore an extraction system is not necessary. Additionally we offer fluorescent NEON ink for indoor applications which has a strong luminance especially under black light.

Dynamic Dot Printing Technology

By using 3 different drop sizes image quality and color density remains at excellent level even at highest speed. Additionally a high density mode without speed reduction is available.

Smart Pass Technology 3

This latest generation uses the most advanced algorithms and improved mask patterns to reduce overspray and to eliminate pass-to-pass banding especially for high speed printing.



Smart Nozzle Mapping

Each of our printheads can replace up to 10 clogged nozzles without any influence to quality and speed. This reduces downtime of the printer and increases lifetime of the printheads enormously.


This additional Windows based software allows to monitor printer status, change print settings, check ink levels and to operate the printer easy and comfortable directly from the PC. Also suggested maintenance is shown, operation and troubleshooting guides are available.



Different Rip Software

We can provide a special Seiko Instruments Edition of RIP Software optimised for W Series from Onyx, Colorgate and Caldera.

Air Purification System

As an option we offer an APS from Bofa which ensures up to 93 % removal of solvent fume and creates a more comfortable working environment.


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