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You are only making money when you are printing shirts you can sell!

An obvious statement, but one that is often overlooked. How much time is lost by screens that breakdown, or chemistry that is wasted because it doesn’t clean properly? Simple questions, which often have frightening answers! But, stencil making and screen cleaning doesn’t have to be a drain on your profits.


The complete range:

The Autotype range has everything you need to make the perfect screen. This integrated range of screen emulsions and chemicals work perfectly to ensure that you get the result you expect, every time. With over 100 years of experience of manufacturing screen products, MacDermid Autotype has the reputation you can trust. Select the best products for your company from the tables below:


Key to colour coding:





A well degreased screen is critical for long print runs. A few minutes spent preparing the screen will dramatically improve the durability of that screen and prevent costly remakes.




The stencil is the heart of the process and a good quality stencil can literally make the difference between a profit and a loss. Select the best PLUS emulsion for your application based on the inks you are using and the type of printing you do.

PLUS 6000 is an excellent general purpose textile emulsion that will work with most inks. PLUS 7000 is particularly useful if you print other merchandising items as well and want a truly multi-purpose emulsion. But if you need to print finer detail then PLUS 8000 is a high solids universal emulsion.

PLUS 9000 is an excellent one pot, very high solids emulsion that is great for plastisols and high build inks. Screens of over 300μ can be made easily with PLUS 9000.




Developed to meet the stringent requirements of our ISO14001 environmental standard Autosolve screen solvents are formulated with safety, efficiency and effectiveness as the key requirements.


Stencil Strippers


Remove PLUS emulsion stencils quickly and easily with one of our Autostrip products. Chose from a powder, gel or concentrate to meet your needs.


Haze Removers


A good haze remover is an essential tool for reusing screens many times and there are not many stains that can t be shifted with one of the Autotype haze removers.


Platen Adhesive


An excellent alternative to the solvent based spray adhesives. Our platen adhesive won t get up your nose or clog your equipment. The sensible water based alternative that really works.

With over 125 years of experience in developing products for the screen printing industry you can have no doubt that if it says MacDermid Autotype on the label then it will work.


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