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Texiscreen Aqua AJ is a water-based textile ink, designed for direct wet-on-wet printing onto a wide range of natural and synthetic fabrics.


Soft Hand

The proprietary chemistry used in the ink formulation allows Texiscreen Aqua AJ to produce prints that have a soft handle, making the printed garments comfortable to wear.


PANTONE®* Matching System

Texiscreen Aqua AJ inks have pre-matched formulations for the colours in the coated (‘C’ suffixed) section of the PANTONE® Colour Formula Guide.  These formulations have been individually colour matched, and proof printed onto fabrics using commercial printing presses.



  • Soft Handle
  • Exceptional wash and dry clean resistance
  • Can be ironed
  • Optional cold cure schedule
  • Bright, vivid colours
  • VOC free
  • Oekotex Standard 100 Class 1
  • Many Texiscreen Aqua AJ colours have been approved by Soil Association Certification Ltd. to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) 



Application Water based wet on wet printing textile ink
Ink technology Water based
Compatible fabrics Cotton and most synthetics
Drying/cure speed 150-170oC for 3-4 minutes
Mesh 43-62 monofilament
Thinning Press ready
Wash resistance 60°C
Dry-clean resistance Suitable for most dry clean cycles
Colour range Line, process, and metallic colours


Global Organic Textile Standard

soil assocation approved

Many Texiscreen Aqua AJ colours have been approved by Soil Association Certification Ltd. to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Only those colours marked as approved in the relevant section of the product information sheet have been approved. Other inks, thinners and additives may not be added to these colours if they are being used as part of an organic textile production process that is certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard. All containers of approved colours are clearly marked with a Soil Association Approved label, and only products bearing this label are approved.



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