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Dura Blade Squeegee Rubber

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Dura blade made to print-made to last

We understand what is needed in the design of our latest squeegee rubbers and have gone to great lengths to test and adapt our new technology to create what we think is the best squeegee blade on the market. We use the latest computer controlled state of the art manufacturing to produce dura blade. We have developed a innovative range of high specification abrasion and chemical resistant urethane.

The first process in the manufacture of urethane sheets for dura squeegee blade is the metering, mixing and de-gassing of base polymers. The precisely controlled urethane formulations combined with g-forces generated within the spin casting ensures inclusion free urethane and enhanced and superior dimensional stability.

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Why spun cast urethane?

Urethane sheets for dura squeegee blade is manufactured using a high speed process spun cast urethane is a unique material that bridges the gap between highly extensible rubber elastomers and low elongation rigid plastics. Although relatively light in weight, products made from spun cast urethane exhibit high mechanical toughness and chemical resistance compared to other rubber and plastic materials

Advantages of dura squeegee blade:

  • excellent abrasion and tear resistance
  • accurate hardeness within the band +/- 5 points shore a
  • exceptional solvent resistance
  • low compression set.
  • a wide range of hardness’ and laminate configurations to suit most print application
  • enhanced functional edge sharpness


Dura blade squeegee rubber applications


Graphic application

Dura blade is ideal for uv and solvent based ink. With its good mechanical wear and is excellent solvent resistance it will be your first choice?? We are sure that multicolour machine users will benefit from reduced down time and excel lent print properties of this new blade.


Textile printing

With the demands of the latest multicolour textile printing machines they now demand a better more consistent print from their squeegee rubber than ever before. The new dura blade in STD our triple sections will give the printer an advantage over there old blades with increased life and more consistent pressure, combined with our outstanding edge life means that long run half tone work can now be the same from the 1st garment to the last.


Industrial and container printing

With the advances in our new flow print antistatic dura blade we can now tailor each blade to meet you exact needs to help eliminate static. We also have the range of blades that will enhance your print quality and with the toughness of dura blade give you more consistent print runs and quality.


Glass printing

With the inherent problems when printing onto glass, we now offer far more solutions to the problems with coverage and static elimination than ever before. We can profile the blades to meet your demands and can offer you an onsite technician who can look at your processes and work out the best solution to you problems.


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