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Atma Screen Printers

Atma Mini P Series



Mini Electric Screen Printer Series

Innovative Design

Innovative electro-mechanical screen-lift, runs fast, stable and quiet.

Solid Accuracy

Profile structure plus top class transmission and guidance systems.

Fast Setup

Handy setup and adjustment mechanisms.

Easy Operation

Digital Touch-panel control featuring various functions and numerical controls.


Full protections meeting European safety requirements.


Custom-made substrate tooling.

Jan 2015 Pricing: £6,800 to £8,800 dependent of type and spec.
Please look at the brochure and tell us the machine you would like and we can give you an accurate figure.

Mini-P Series Brochure


Atma AT-60PD



Digital Electric Flat Screen Printer

Atma AT-60PD is the most popular model and is available installed and delivered.

Innovative Design

Innovative precision technology and outstanding high-performance design of fast, reactive electro-mechanic transmission system ensures superior quality work and close tolerance.

Solid and Accurate

Heavy-duty base frame with balanced footings to stay vibration-free through high speed operation.

Fast Setup

Screen front insertion and holding by air-locking system for easy setup.

Easy Operation

Industrial Digital Touch-screen Controler with parameter settings and value-added functions to ensure easy operation.


Adopted all protections to meet European safety requirements.


Available with Anti-drip Device, Registration Pins and more

Jan 2015 Pricing: ATMA AT 60 HD £12,100 plus VAT.
Other prices on application.

AT-PD Brochure