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Alloy and Wood Frames

Alloy and Wood Frames


Aluminium and wooden frames in various sizes; wood up to 1400mm x 1000mm- aluminium up to 6mtrs x 3mtrs
All alloy frames are made in partnership with Angell welding.


Ian Angell has years of experience in the supply and manufacture of alloy frames and bespoke sections.


STANDARD FRAMES – for improved cost performance

These standard frame sections offer improved cost performance for printers who don’t require the advantages of the Max-Ten product.
The range is manufactured in a range of wall thickness from 1.6 mm to 6.4mm. The standard sections are available from a range of over 50 sizes from

10mm x 10mm up to 150mm x 50mm.



MAX-TEN – sharper radius to minimise ink seepage

Made for screen printers who need to maintain the highest tension screens whilst keeping the frame weight to a minimum. The frame sections are made from a special high tensile aluminium. Max-Ten has one edge sharper radius on the inner edge, but all three other edges have radii for user comfort and ease of handling.



MAX-TEN SUPERSLOPE – larger inner slope for easier ink removal

Max-Ten Superslope is also made for screen printers who need to maintain the highest tension screens whilst keeping the frame weight to a minimum.



CD FRAMES – high volume with wide spec capability

The CD frames are manufactured using our latest laser profiling facilities and can be supplied in high volumes. Made from steel and then sandblasted to ensure good mesh adhesion. reclaimed frames can be sandblasted to refurbish them to ensure all ink and glue is removed prior to re-use.



HIGH-TECH – specialist product developed for printed circuit and other industrial applications

The High-Tech sections are made of a high tensile aluminium and are aimed principally for use in the industrial sector for use on special machines developed for printed circuit imaging.




Made from the wood of the Jelutong Dyera costulata (South East Asia) our wooden frames are made to order and have mitred corners. stretched in a range of meshes to suit all applications.




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